Coral Facility

The coral aquaculture collection was established in 2017 in New London CT. We moved to Albany, NY to a "designed for purpose" facility in 2021. This includes an aquatics lab, dry/fabrication lab, and a chemistry lab, along with offices for staff and students. The main aquatics system is comprised of 13 different tanks linked to a common sump and filtration with about 3000 gallons in capacity. A large refugia tank for algae culturing helps with water filtration and the production of natural planktons for feeding the corals. The majority of the lighting is provided by tried and trusted ReefBreeders Photons.  


Select fish species are a key component to our farm, but other than special orders, they are typically not for sale.  Shown is a long time resident (2018) purchased at about the size of a quarter in Rhode Island. He now resides in a 300gallon tub with a pufferfish and a large Vlamini tang and some bossy clownfish.


Browse our product galleries to see many examples of our established clonal coral lines. For many genus/species we have multiple variants and make unique combinations that grow well together and or fuse to produce a coral chimera. Many of our lines were previously established by others coral farmers and have continued on at CapitalCorals. New lines are continually under development so check back often. In addition to retail establishments, we work extensively with educational programs. We are currently a wholesale operation, but do serve the local community with walk-in hours. Please have your LFS get in touch to place an order for our corals if you are in another region.


We strive to make every customer a satisfied and returning customer with strong communication throughout the ordering and delivery process and follow-up post-delivery to insure the delivery meets their expectations.

With all shipping, and especially the shipping of temperature sensitive animals, delays and mishandling can be costly and we strive to rectify problems as they arise with the commercial carriers. Much care is put into the packing of the corals to insure safe arrival.  We offer an “arrive alive” and a 7-day stay alive guarantees to the customers. We have found most reliable service with UPS.  Large orders can be sent air freight through Southwest Airlines to a major airport.